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Life at Hyland Media

Your opportunity to grow and learn is our opportunity to grow and learn. We believe groundbreaking ideas come from the perfect blend of team members’ strengths. That’s why we’ve organized our workforce into specialist groups instead of generalists.

Delivering Inclusive Solutions

At Hyland Media, we enable clients to fully engage with today’s profoundly diverse market through more authentic, inclusive and relevant marketing communications. Housed within our Social Purpose Practice, Team Pixel is a dedicated consultancy of 90+ experts that are focused on ensuring cultural perspectives across all the dimensions of diversity are layered in the work we do – both for clients as well as within our agency.


Many minds, one collective vision. Explore opportunities to collaborate and create change that matters.

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Internally Equitable

Delivering on our mission starts with making sure our workforce authentically reflects today’s market as well as creating a culture of inclusion. Our DEI Theory of Change is focused on transforming our organizational culture into an inclusive ecosystem, by concentrating on recruitment, training, employee engagement and client support, and regularly measuring our outcomes, in order to be a diverse agency functioning with fluidity, supporting equitable internal and external systems.

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